Friday, 8 April 2011

The irony of the angry atheist

I had an encounter this week with the most angry atheist I have ever come across - he was not a happy man!  His anger clouded his thinking such that he couldn't see the irony of what he was saying!

He told me that people like me "should be wiped off the face of the earth" because we are "holding back the progress of humanity."  The reason his hatred is almost funny (almost but not quite!) was because he complained about how Christians are mind-controllers and have been responsible for so many atrocities and killings!  Now let us not let the facts stand in the way of his tirade (we will perhaps address his comment about mind-control in a later post, and the issue of atrocities has been addressed here), but let's just look at what he thinks should be done to people who hold Christianity to be true - he would have them killed! 

He thinks that treatment is appropriate because he really hates people telling you what to believe!  Thus he would have a complete wholesale massacre of people because of what they believe!  I wonder how he would go about fulfilling his dream if he was king of the world - he would execute all professing Christians, and then would he make it illegal to believe Christianity?  Would he ban books so that people wouldn't be able to read about Christian evidences?  Would that not be...mind-control?  I tried to point out that atheistic regimes have been responsible for more than their fair share of mind-control and brain-washing, so he would have plenty of examples he could emulate! 

He thinks that killing Christians is appropriate because he really hates that some professing Christians have been responsible for bloodshed, it follows then in his world that people who have never been responsible for murder ought to be...murdered!  Again, I pointed out that pretty much anywhere atheists have had the reins of government they have made a good try at trying to wipe Christians off the face of the earth, along with others who didn't think like them!

I don't know if any angry atheists read this blog, but if you do, can I make an appeal, calm down, think before you speak, and have a discussion.  This man I spoke to (or rather, this man by whom I got shouted at) did nothing to make me doubt the truth of Psalm 14 v 1.

I'll have more to tell you about regarding this "conversation".