Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New news about old news that was really no news

It has made headlines, and like anything that is potentially damaging to Christianity or disturbing to Christians, it was gullibly swallowed and gleefully spread by the media. I'm talking about this document purported to be from the fourth century in which Jesus says the words "my wife".

Now why should a document be given any credence when that document, even if authentic, isn't from the time of Christ or the land in which He lived, and doesn't even explicitly say He was married, and, even if it did, contradicts everything written about Him by those in the first century! It just displays the objectivity of the popular media I suppose (yes, my tongue is firmly in my cheek, and I'll keep it there as I say, watch all the media outlets report on the link below!!)

Dan Wallace has the following information (here), check it out, and let's move on! 
For further sources see this.  

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ghosts, weeping statues and the resurrection, part three

Life has been pretty busy, and I will perhaps let you know soon about some of the things that have been happening, but just now I will continue with the subject of the previous two posts.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ghosts, weeping statues and the resurrection, part two

The previous post set out the background to this challenge - why do Christians believe only in their own miracle reports and not any of the other millions of reports which have just as much or better evidence. We are looking at reasons why the evidence for the resurrection of Christ is unlike any other religious or supernatural claim, and the first reason was in light of the culture.