Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Good Friday to you

The kindest, greatest, wisest man who ever lived, taken and brutally beaten, cruelly mocked, and savagely crucified.  What a dark day!  What a sad day!  What an awful day!  What a good day!  A good day?  Well that's what Christians call it - Good Friday, but what's so good about it?

The disciples of the Lord thought initially that it was a tragedy that He had died, but they soon came to realise it would have been a tragedy if He had not died!

His death was essential for our salvation.  If we were to be saved from the penalty of our sins then someone else had to take it, and that is what God's Son volunteered to do, and He went to the cross willingly, not just to suffer the pains of crucifixion, but to suffer the judgment of God against sin as God laid on Him the iniquity of us all (Isaiah 53 v 5-6).  His death was essential - nothing less would do.

His death is enough for our salvation.  He paid the penalty in full, and to prove that, God raised Him from the dead.  The work has been done, the price has been paid, the sacrifice has been accepted, and salvation is free.  When someone acknowledges that they truly deserve the punishment, but accept that Christ fully took the punishment then they go free.  Salvation is not a reward to be earned but a gift to be received, and you could take it now from the risen Christ.  His death is enough - nothing more is needed - simply turn to Him and trust in Him.  You won't be saved by adding to what He has done, you'll be saved by accepting what He has done, and relying fully on Him (Galatians 3 v 10-14; Romans 3 v 20-28).

That's what's so good about Good Friday.  Maybe today it will take on a whole new meaning for you, as you realise it was for you.