Saturday, 30 April 2011

Enough is never enough

I recently heard an atheist describe what he would consider as evidence for the existence of God.  His reply was that if something just appeared out of nothing in front of him he would certainly believe.  The irony was breath-taking because the very same man was a scientist who had just been discussing the Big Bang, and how everything came out of nothing!

One can only wonder why he would take something coming out of nothing as conclusive evidence for God's existence but would dismiss everything coming out of nothing as being good evidence.  It seems that if something is created ex nihilo now it proves there is a God, but if something is created ex nihilo a long time ago it doesn't!

The fact that everything came into existence out of nothing proves that God exists; the fact that it doesn't happen at the command of an atheist shows that he isn't Him! God isn't the slave of any, and He doesn't respond to commands.