Thursday, 23 December 2010

Religious atheists

"Religion causes all the wars, all the fanatics etc. etc. If there was no religion wouldn't the world be wonderful!"  This is not only obviously and demonstrably wrong, but it leaves atheism with egg on its face.

It is a matter of plain fact that atheist ideologies have been responsible for more bloodshed in one century (the 20th) than all religions put together in twenty centuries combined.  Atheist regimes have a body-count of nine figures!  They were motivated by their atheist ideologies, and what's more, their atheism cannot condemn their conduct.

However, I just found something of interest on the news today: Communist North Korea (possibly the most oppressive country in the world if you are a Christian) is ready for a sacred war against South Korea (see here).  The question is, what is sacred to an atheist?  This shows the truth of what the Bible teaches, that man is a worshipper, man is religious, and if he refuses to worship and serve the true God he will worship and serve something else that he exalts as the transcendent good and ultimate purpose.