Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Follow the signs. If you see the ruined temple you've gone too far.

Sometimes when you get directions they give you a landmark that is beyond your turn, and if you arrive at this landmark you know you've gone too far and missed your turn-off - it's time to look for a turning opportunity and go back.  It's a good thing when you've got something like that because it ensures you don't continue down the wrong road indefinitely.

God did a similar thing when He was telling people about the Messiah He would send, so that we wouldn't keep travelling along looking for Him when He had already come.  He told His people to follow the signs - there would be plenty of them to indicate who this Saviour would be.  He would be born at Bethlehem (Micah 5 v 2); He would be announced by a wilderness messenger (Isaiah 40 v 3-5); He would have a miraculous ministry (Isaiah 35 v 5-6); He would be despised and rejected (Isaiah 53 v 3); He would be submissive and silent in His sufferings before men (Isaiah 53 v 7); He would be pierced through hands and feet (Psalm 22 v 16); people would gamble for His garments (Psalm 22 v 18); He would suffer for the sins of others (Isaiah 53 v 5-6); He would be buried in a rich man's grave (Isaiah 53 v 9); He would be raised again (Isaiah 53 v 10; Psalm 16 v 9-11).

Those are pretty detailed directions and specific signs!  But lest anyone miss the turn-off (or miss they Person to whom they are meant to turn!) God gave a big land-mark that would tell them they have passed the Saviour.  What was that landmark?  A destroyed temple and city!  God had said that after the Messiah would be cut off (i.e. after His death) the city of Jerusalem and the temple would be destroyed (Daniel 9 v 26).

What that means is, if anyone is looking for the Messiah, you've gone too far!  If you have gone past 70 AD you need to stop and turn back because you've missed Him.  If you follow the signs God gave, do they lead you to anyone who lived prior to 70 AD?  Clue - AD = the year of our Lord...

Jesus of Nazareth is the One you're looking for.  Don't keep on the road you're going.  Put the brakes on, and turn to Him - there's salvation in Him and none other.