Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Debt crisis

It has been the constant theme of news reports, and the constant worry of many people - debt.  Many people have found themselves in over their head with no hope of ever getting back into the black.  This crushing burden has led some people to alcohol, drugs and even suicide.  The immense, intense pressure must be crippling to those involved.  The thought of some wealthy philanthropist coming along to bail them out would surely be a dream come true.

It may be the case that as you read this you can breathe a sigh of relief that you are not in such a predicament.  Can I suggest you hold that sigh of relief for a moment, because it may be the case that you are in a far worse predicament. 

The Bible tells us that we have a problem that is similar to, though more serious than, a financial debt.  We all are in over our heads in debt to God.  The Bible likens the problem of our sin to a debt.  We have a moral obligation to God to obey His law.  Sin is something therefore that robs God, and every sin we commit increases the debt we owe, and the thing is we have nothing with which to pay.  If we were able to go the rest of our lives without sinning it wouldn't give us any credit, it would only keep our debt at its current level.  Debtors' prison awaits, and because we have nothing with which to pay there is no hope of ever getting out.

No matter how good you feel yourself to be, you have a debt that you can't pay, but no matter how bad you feel yourself to be, that debt can be forgiven (Luke 7 v 40-42).  The Lord Jesus paid an infinite price on the cross (1Timothy 2 v 5-6).  He paid the penalty for sin, and the Bible teaches that when someone comes to Christ in their guilt and helplessness their certificate of debt is nailed to His cross - paid in full (Colossians 2 v 14).

The relief of someone paying of a huge financial debt can be multiplied by as many times as you like, and it wouldn't equal the relief I felt the day I came to the Lord Jesus and had my debt forgiven. 

And the even more amazing thing is this, the Lord not only cancels the debt of the repentant sinner, but He sets up a joint back account with them, in which they get to share in all the glory that is rightfully His (Romans 8 v 17)!

"He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that ye through His poverty might be rich" (2Corinthians 8 v 9).  These are riches that will survive the collapse of the stock market, and even the collapse of the universe.

Your spiritual debt is a crisis - in yourself there is no way out, but in Christ there is.  Admit your bankruptcy to Him, and get the account settled.