Thursday, 25 November 2010

Who made God?

I was speaking to some students in a comprehensive school in Wales.  I was giving a brief presentation on why I believe the Bible is the Word of God.  There was a lad who put his hand up to ask a question.  The question was, "Who made God?"

The short answer is nobody, but to many people that just seems like a cop out, but if you think about it for a while you'll hopefully see it isn't.

For anything to exist there has to be something that was always there or else you are in an infinite regress.  You have to hit the bottom at some stage, there has to be an uncaused first cause.  Now the atheist has no right to shout foul or accuse of special pleading when the Christian says that God is uncreated, because that is what they have traditionally believed about the universe - it has no cause, it has no creator, it just is.  They didn't seem to have any difficulties accepting the existence of something uncreated then.  Now however science has shown what logic always demanded, and what the Scriptures declared from the first verse, that the universe had a beginning.  So if the universe had a beginning, what is its cause?

Whatever the cause is, it cannot be a physical, material entity, because matter is not eternal.  It must be a personal cause, because impersonal causes cannot choose to act.  If you have an impersonal cause then the effect will be as old as the cause.  So we have a non-material, personal, powerful cause - sound familiar?  This Cause has revealed Himself in the Scriptures, and in the Son (John 1 v 1-18).

Sadly, many people do make gods.  They create gods in their own image, out of their own imagination, and for their own interests.  But the true and living God has not been made - He made us, and we are accountable to Him.  He calls upon us to acknowledge our rebellion against Him and receive the salvation that He alone can give through Christ (Isaiah 45 v 18-23).