Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Don't hurt my feelings!

This post takes up on the subject raised in the previous post in which I told you about a Hindu I heard objecting to Christians telling people they're wrong.  It strikes me that this is a very thin-skinned, immature attitude.

Why are people so scared of other people saying they're wrong?  Why do people get so hurt and offended when someone says, "I believe you're wrong", especially when they add to that, "and here's why..."

Someone may say, "Well, how do you like it when someone says you're wrong?!"  Honestly?  I can handle it - I'm an adult!  I don't run away in tears when someone disagrees with me!  I mean, it's not as if it never happens.  People tell me quite often that they disagree with me, but I don't take offence at that - and if they believe I'm wrong then I want them to tell me why.

Can I urge you not to get offended or defensive when you meet someone who thinks you're wrong and can tell you why they think it.  At least they care enough to tell you, and are considerate enough to give you reasons.

The reason I believe Christ is the only way of salvation is because He believed that.  Time and again He stated it.  Do you think He was wrong?  What if you are?  There's a lot riding on this.  The sensible thing is to check it out.  Let the Lord speak for Himself and read John's Gospel.