Sunday, 14 November 2010

Objection, Your Honour!

It's amazing what some lawyers can do!  It seems that in some cases, no matter how strong the evidence and no matter how many the witnesses, people can (sometimes literally) get away with murder.  Persuasive words, extenuating circumstances, legal loopholes and trivial technicalities, have at times combined to result in the guilty walking free.  Such legal representation would fetch a pretty hefty fee. 

I want to talk to you about a lawyer we all have who continually comes to our defense and is persistent in his efforts to refute the evidence, excuse our actions, and diminish our responsibility.  His name is Pride.

He hears the charges of guilt the Bible lays at our feet; he sees the evidence to back this up from our conscience; he considers the sentence that is going to be executed against us, and he immediately jumps to our defense saying that we aren't guilty, it wasn't our fault, the penalty is too stiff, the punishment too severe.

This defense lawyer may make you feel good, but he won't do you any good.  The Judge can't be fooled, bribed, mislead or mistaken.  He is fully aware of all the facts and has been the witness of all our crimes against His law.  His verdict is perfect; the penalty is righteous, and no objection can be sustained.

But this Judge is offering a pardon, and will grant it to the repentant soul, who owns up to their guilt, and receives Christ as Saviour. 

Drop all objections, give Pride the sack, and enter this your only plea, "I am a guilty sinner, but Jesus died for me."

Keeping Pride as your barrister will incur a heavy cost - it will cost you your soul.