Tuesday, 2 November 2010

It's wrong to tell people they're wrong!?!

The Hindu I was listening to was telling a Christian that it's fine for him to believe in Christianity, he just shouldn't tell people what they believe is wrong...

So the message of Christianity, which proclaims that salvation is in Christ alone, is fine to believe, as long as you don't tell anybody?  It sounded very much like the Hindu was telling the Christian that Christianity was wrong!  Think about it, the Hindu certainly wasn't saying the beliefs of the Christian were right - he was contradicting its doctrine of salvation in Christ alone, and condemning its command to preach the Gospel to all the nations!  The reality is that the Hindu was doing what he was complaining about the Christian doing - telling people they're wrong, and they shouldn't believe what they believe!

If salvation is in Christ alone then it is the most immoral, selfish and cruel thing not to tell others about Him.  This is not to say you tell people in an abrasive, aggressive, arrogant manner, but you certainly do tell them.

If someone is a Christian then they're going to want to do what Christ told them to do, which involves seeking to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28 v 19).