Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What about your good works?

When people hear about the Bible's clear teaching that salvation is by faith in Christ alone a common response is to ask something like, "What about all the good things I do?"  My response is "What about all the good things you do?!"

Why do people think that doing good things gives you license or leeway to do bad things?  Do people think they can build up a credit by their good works, and they can then commit some sins but as long as they're still in credit at the end they'll make it to heaven?  They aren't thinking clearly!

You will never get a letter from the Government or the police telling you that because you haven't broken the law all your life you are now getting an allowance of crimes you can commit!  You don't get credit for keeping the law - you are supposed to keep it!  So it is with God's law - you don't build up credit for keeping God's law - it is your obligation. 

The Bible's teaching that salvation is by faith alone isn't saying that God doesn't care about good works.  He is all on for good works; in fact He demands 100%!  God's issue isn't with your good works; God's issue is with your sins.  People aren't punished for their good works, but for their sins.  And that's why salvation is by faith alone - we can't do anything about the sins we've committed - we are helpless; we need a Saviour; we need a Substitute.  And that's why salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone - He is the only Saviour available; He's the only Substitute on offer.