Friday, 18 November 2011

Seeing is believing?

I had a conversation with someone today who told me he had a hard time believing in things he couldn't see, hear or feel.  I told him he did not indeed!

I told him that there are quite a number of things he could not see, hear or feel, and yet he not only believes in them, but he bases his life upon these things and could not last a day without believing in them!

I told him he couldn't see his thoughts or will or purpose, yet he believes in the existence of these things - he knows he isn't just a series of chemical reactions; he knows he is not just part of a long chain of dominoes falling.  I told him he couldn't hear logic yet he knew it was real.  He couldn't feel morality yet he can't help but live in light of its reality and objectivity.

These are non-physical realities, but they are just that - realities, and they can only be adequately grounded and founded upon an intelligent, personal, righteous God - the God of Scripture.