Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Has means hasn't?

Yet another encounter with a "Jehovah's Witness"!  I was speaking to her about a particular issue, and what she said to me was, "You take snatches out of the Bible, but we believe it in its entirety, and that's why we have the hope of eternal life!"

I could hardly believe she would say such a thing!  The Watchtower Society is based and survives on taking things out of context.  The witnesses on the doors have no clue about the contexts of their proof texts.  They read the Bible along with the Watchtower notes and are warned against reading against the Bible without the notes.

However, I just picked up on what she said about having the hope of eternal life, so I asked her did she have eternal life.  She said, "No, nobody does."  So I told her that I had it.  She said, "Good for you, but I don't think you do."  So I assured her that I did, and I showed her that the Bible tells us it's possible to have it now and know it.  I showed her John 3 v 36:
He who believes in the Son has everlasting life
So what did she say?  She said, "Yes, it says 'has', that doesn't mean you have it right now!"  I pointed out to her that that is exactly what "has" means.  At this point she wanted the conversation to end. 

I don't know if any Jehovah's Witnesses read this blog, but if they do, I want you to know this, Christ offers something far better than the Watchtower Society offers.  It is possible to have and enjoy eternal life now, and furthermore, you will know you have it because eternal life is a life! The Lord makes a difference in the lives of those who trust Him for salvation.