Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Way out in front

I was looking through the stats of this blog and I just wanted to point out that there is one post that has received more than twice as many hits as any other post, it is We will not tolerate intolerance!

It's strange that for some reason this post is so much more popular than any other, but it is an issue that is so important.  Our society is getting brainwashed into thinking that some views can be silenced or some arguments rebutted simply by saying "Shame! Shame!" or by saying "That's intolerant!", no matter how well backed up by evidence, no matter how strongly supported by facts, no matter how solidly founded on reality the views and arguments are, and no matter how intolerant the person is who is accusing you of intolerance!

If you have questions about Christianity that you would like to see addressed please let me know: greatnews4all@blogspot.com