Saturday, 11 June 2011

Thinking straight

It is a subject I haven't written directly on, quite simply because I don't want to...

The subject of homosexuality and "same-sex marriage" are subjects that Christians don't like to think about.  However, it can't be avoided in our society, because it seems that a lot of people who engage in a homosexual lifestyle don't just want to be tolerated, they want to be approved.

It is automatically assumed that if you have concerns about this lifestyle and feel it should not be promoted as an equal and acceptable alternative to monogamous, life-long traditional marriage you have an irrational fear and intolerant hatred of homosexuals.  Of course, this is the epitome of what it is to be intolerant and judgmental - the very thing Christians are so often accused of being guilty of!

I read an article yesterday in which a Hollywood actress gave us the benefit of her insight on this subject.  Sadly it seems that so many people in our society feel that if someone makes loads of money pretending to be other people it means that they have really well thought-through and intelligent views and should be heeded, however, the article evidences shallow silliness.  Her daughter came home from school and said that someone in her class has two mommies, her response - "Two mommies?  How lucky is she?!" 

Now, just think about this for a minute before applauding her wisdom - if the girl is lucky to have two mommies, then according to Paltrow she would be even luckier to have three or four or more!  If marriage is not a union between a man and a woman, then why is it the union of just two people?  Why not make it the union of as many people as you like?  Why not promote polygamy, incest and all the other variations?

Note again something about this - this person with two mommies has no daddies - how lucky?  Is she really saying that a father is an optional extra, and it doesn't matter whether you have one or not?  I imagine if the girl had two daddies Paltrow would say she was lucky too?  This equating males with females, and the pronouncements that there is no difference is patently untrue, contra to our whole experience as individuals and as a human race, and also contradicts the mantra of the GLBT lobby when the T section of it says that they have been born in the wrong body - that they are really females in male bodies or vice (no pun intended) versa - they know there is a difference between the genders!

Traditional marriage is that which produces the next generation and does so in a stable environment - that's why the Government ought to recognise it officially.  No matter what other union you want to consider, the stability of society does not depend on it, and thus the Government has no good reason to get involved in it - this is not intolerant.  Other unions rebel against the natural teleology of the genders and carry physical dangers - this is not intolerant, it's just obvious.  Other unions are in violation of God's revealed will - this is not intolerant, it's just a fact.

Society bullies people into buying this Hollywood nonsense - don't be bullied.  Think straight.