Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Surely it's wrong to be sure???

I want to talk about something that we hear a lot in our society in which people love to be offended.

It has been said (sadly by some representing Christianity) that "Any worldview which says that it is right and everyone else is wrong has the potential to be dangerous".  (Notice that this belief is expressed as if it is right!)  But this simply not true.  The danger depends on what your worldview is, not on whether you think it's right to the exclusion of others.  A worldview that says there is no ultimate meaning, purpose accountability, or authority, certainly has big dangers associated with it.  A worldview that says you should use violence against those who don't share your beliefs is definitely dangerous.  However, a worldview that says that:
  • every human being is made in the image of God and is valuable;
  • salvation is a personal matter between a soul and God, so conversion is by faith and cannot be by force; 
  • there is a holy God who holds us accountable for our actions;
doesn't sound like a danger to anyone.  Those who committed atrocities in the name of Christianity clearly didn't believe the things listed above.

Those who saw, handled, and ate with the risen Christ were sure that they were right about it, and the message they proclaimed is no danger to mankind.  The danger is in ignoring it (Hebrews 2 v 3).