Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I heard a very strange objection to Christianity recently - an atheist wondered why we believed that God was good! 

He said it could just as likely be the case that God is evil, and there's only good in the world because this evil "god" allows us free will. This is so confused, and ignores the fact that God has revealed Himself in Scripture and in Christ. But even though he ignores that, he should still know better.

If God were evil, then what would good be? What is evil, if it's not a deviation from good, but if God isn't good then where or what is this standard from which He has deviated, and why would that standard be binding? Our moral standards and obligations flow from the nature and will of our Creator, and it is evil to deviate from that standard. If God weren't good then there would be some virtue He wouldn't possess, but where would that virtue come from, why would goodness be a virtue and why would it be binding on us? Why would we, who are created by God, feel guilty for doing evil, and feel satisfaction in doing good?

If there is a such a thing as justice, if there is real goodness, (and we know there is,) then it must come from God's nature.

The fact is, we can know what God is like - He has told us (John 1 v 18).  He is good, and we aren't (Ecclesiastes 7 v 20; Luke 18 v 19; Romans 3 v 10-12).  Thankfully there is forgiveness for us through the grace of God and the blood of Christ (Ephesians 1 v 7).