Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Follow the science, save lives!

The message that is being heralded day and daily from our government is that we need to pay attention to the scientific data regarding the coronavirus, and by following the science we will save lives.

This of course is great counsel, but there is a sickening irony and hypocrisy when we remember that the Britain has legally terminated the lives of about 9 million unborn children since 1967, and has just (on 31st March) imposed abortion on demand (up to twelve weeks) in Northern Ireland.

What about following the science and saving lives?

Scientifically, there is no question that life begins at conception. The foetus is living – it is growing and developing and thus is obviously alive. There is no question it is human – what else could it be? It’s not canine, feline or bovine. And there’s no question it is a distinct human being – it has its own unique DNA.

So, science shows us that the foetus is a distinct human life. What about following the science and saving lives?