Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Bible was written by men! Exactly!

A couple of friends and I were speaking to a lady today who took great exception to the notion of hell. When we told her that the Bible clearly declared it and Christ graphically described it she said, "But the Bible was written by men!"

This was not news to us. The Bible makes no secret that it was written by men. In many of the books of the Bible the human authors even told us their names.

But this only furnishes us with more evidence that the Bible is the word of God. About 40 different human authors, and yet there is an amazing unity that cannot be put down to collusion or human coordination. It shows that the writers were only channels; the source was God.

We pointed out to the lady that the amazing thing is that these men were able to write in detail about events hundreds of years in the future and what they prophesied came to pass. The Bible has proven itself to get it right when it talks about the future, and it is this book that warns of hell.

If someone is able to untangle all the amazing connections between these independent writers and account for all their accurate prophecies in some non-miraculous way then they can maybe afford to make light of the Bible's warnings (although there's plenty more evidence for the inspiration of Scripture apart from these two issues).