Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Unreasonable reasoning

I was speaking to a man today who was telling me about his struggle with spiritual issues.
He told me that he had his reasons for atheism and then his reasons for believing in God. I just want to briefly point out how incongruous it is to speak about having reasons for atheism.

If atheism were true, what would that entail? Well, it would mean that we are the by-products of mindless, purposeless processes. It would mean that the only things that exist are physical things, that of necessity react according to the laws of physics. It is meaningless then to speak about the reasons for anything. Reason presupposes you can rationally think about things, but if atheism were true then there's no reasoning going on in your mind, there's just reacting going on in your brain.

This is why atheism is unreasonable, not just in light of the evidence of God's existence, but in light of the fact there is reason.