Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The dangers of state religion

Imagine a society in which you were forced to affirm things you did not believe, and if you didn't profess such faith you could not be a part of society, or get employment, or you may be forced out of business. That was what it was like for people when the church and state wed and religion was forced upon unbelievers. Non-Christians understandably chaffed under such a yoke, they would protest that they should be free not to participate in things they did not believe in. How good it is to know that the state no longer forces people to profess a faith they don't actually believe in. Things have changed...haven't they?

There is no way the state would threaten people with fines for not supporting causes or promoting issues they disagree with, is there? And the courts would never rule that people have to affirm things that go against their principled convictions, would they? Companies would never be told that they cannot decide what products to make or causes to support, surely not!?! Employers would never make their employers attend events that are not relevant to their work. People would never lose their jobs merely for holding views regarding the morality of certain behaviours, views that do not affect their ability to do their job, that would never happen, would it?

These things are happening, there is a state religion, and if you do not profess your belief in politically correct issues then you will be excluded or penalised.

It is a measure of an increasingly intolerant society that principled disagreement is not allowed. The fact is that you can only tolerate views you disagree with, (if you agree with them then you don't tolerate them!) If a society tries to silence or criminalise points of view then it is not a tolerant society. If someone has a principled objection to something I desire to promote, as a tolerant person I will not try to make them promote it. It someone disagrees with my point of view, as a tolerant person I will not try to make the state silence them. The way to defeat views you disagree with is through open, honest, reasoned debate and discussion, not through name calling, intimidation and state control.