Thursday, 5 March 2015

Atheism proven wrong...again.

Atheists very often say that belief in God is a science-stopper, that is, when Christians see something they don't understand they just say, "God did it" and proceed no further. Now this is just factually wrong and historically naive. Modern science got off the ground because of a Christian worldview that led men to investigate creation to discover its order and laws. Christianity was actually the science-starter! Atheism is actually more guilty of stopping science than Christianity!

Atheists used to have lists of organs that they thought served no purpose and were leftovers from our evolutionary history. That list has gotten extremely small now and atheists tend not to talk too much about that anymore, or else they redefine what they mean by vestigial. Why? Because some people weren't as lazy as these atheists and weren't prepared to stop their investigations and just say "These organs have no purpose." They kept looking, experimenting and investigating, and voila! They found that these organs do serve a purpose after all! (See here.)

The same is true with the so-called junk DNA. This is something atheists jumped on as proof that there is no Creator. They ought to have kept their mouths shut, because those who believed in a Creator were motivated by that belief to keep investigating - they were sure there must be some purpose in this, and so they persevered, and found out that, sure enough, it served a purpose after all! (See here.)

The reason for writing this post now concerns a third area, so-called bad design. I have just read a post on a new study that has been published showing that the oft-repeated allegation of the eye being badly designed is false. Richard Dawkins was one of those who confidently affirmed it was bad design. I suppose his atheism offered him no motivation to look any further and try to find out if there was any reason for it being the way it is. You can have a look at the post I read here, and it gives you links to the study in Science Daily as well as an article by agnostic scientist, Michael Denton. Another article on so-called bad design is here.