Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Once again, the "tolerance" crowd are on the warpath because they have identified someone who doesn't agree with them, and they are not prepared to put up with (i.e. tolerate) such treatment.

This is a story about a Christian-owned bakery called Asher's, named because of Jacob's statement in Genesis 49:20 - "Asher's food will be delicious" (ISV), and it is a well-named company. Anyway, they were asked to make a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage. They didn't want to do it and so they are being threatened with court proceedings.

There is a high level of invective from those opposing Asher's, but also a very low level of integrity, and this is demonstrated in the dishonest and disingenuous arguments they are making.

For instance, Alliance councillor Andrew Muir said Asher's shouldn't be allowed to pick and choose whom they serve, but the thing is they aren't picking and choosing whom they serve, they are picking and choosing what they serve. Just remember that - this is not a case someone being refused service, it is simply a bakery saying they don't have to make any cake anyone wants. Never has any homosexual been refused service at Asher's, anyone, regardless of their lifestyle is welcome to come in and be served. Furthermore, the person who asked for this particular cake was never asked any questions about their sexual orientation, for all anyone at Asher's knows the person could have been a happily married heterosexual, so to say they are picking and choosing whom they serve is nothing other than a slur and a smear.

If you went along to any bakery and said, "Will you make a cake for me with a slogan and picture on it?" do you think the person would say, without any question, "Sure!" Of course not, they would want to know what you want, and no right thinking person would say, "You shouldn't pick and choose whom you serve."

This is about Asher's having the liberty not to support and service an event or cause with which they have principled objections, but in our society this is perceived as intolerant. What people need to learn is that tolerance doesn't mean you accept and support everything. Tolerance means you respect that people can have disagreements with you, these disagreements can be debated and discussed, but we don't force others to do what we want. Andrew Muir and those on his side of the issue are the ones exhibiting intolerance here, not Asher's. Asher's never said that no one should be allowed to make such a cake, they simply said they didn't want to.

Councillor Muir said it was ridiculous to say that by making the cake they were endorsing the cause. This is utterly disingenuous. Had they been asked to make a cake with a picture of Hitler on it or some Klansman from KKK for an anti-Semitic or racist event would Councillor Muir say they were obliged to provide it? Would anyone think that by providing such a cake they weren't tacitly supporting the event? What if it was a cake calling for incestuous marriage, intergenerational marriage, polyamorous marriage? Should they be compelled to make that cake? Is providing that service not supporting that cause?

Asher's have said that in the past they have refused to do cakes with profanity or pornographic images - why was there not an outcry then? Will Councillor Muir say Asher's shouldn't pick and choose? If not, why not? It looks like those opposing Asher's only care that someone has had the temerity and gall to object to something dear to them. They believe you should be allowed to follow the convictions of your conscience, just as long as the convictions of your conscience are the same as theirs.

Again, should Asher's be forced to do a cake blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ or ridiculing the Bible? Well, by doing a cake promoting same-sex marriage it would be blaspheming Christ because it would be a denial of His Lordship, and it would be ridiculing the Bible because it would be denying its authority.

You may disagree with Asher's principles on this issue, but you ought to agree with and support their right to do what they did. If you don't then beware because it may only be a matter of time before one of your beliefs cuts across a politically correct doctrine, and then you'll be the one standing in court.