Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Going to extremes

I was chatting to a man recently who told me he had recently become an atheist. We had a great chat together, but he told me at one stage in the conversation that he thought that God was going to extremes to hide Himself.

I told him I believed the very opposite. God has gone to extremes to reveal Himself. I asked him to consider the cross - that is how far God has gone in order to reveal Himself to us, as far as He possibly could go, and in doing so He has revealed Himself fully and finally.

Think how the cross reveals God. It reveals Him as a God of righteousness - He will not overlook sin, He won't fudge on justice, He won't compromise on truth. Sin's penalty must be paid, and thus we see at the cross the Lord Jesus satisfy God's righteous demands against sin.

The cross reveals God as a God of love, because He gives Himself, in the Person of the Son, to pay the penalty for sinners so that we can go free.

I told my friend that God really could go no further to reveal Himself to mankind, and He will go no further, because that's where He wants to meet you, the only place a righteous God and guilty sinners can meet - at the cross.

No matter how guilty your past, how vile your sins, how hopeless your case, you can meet with God and have forgiveness at the cross.