Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Convincing conversion!

I want to pass on a story that I think pretty convincingly shows the reality of God and the Gospel.

I was speaking some time ago to a man called Jack. He was telling me about how he was saved. He had been attending a series of Gospel meetings, and the meetings concluded on the Friday night. On the Saturday morning his wife went out shopping with one of his daughters (all his children are grown and gone), and Jack was sitting in the house on his own thinking about salvation. He went up the stairs and got down on his knees at the side of the bed and "tried" to "get saved", but he didn't seem to get anywhere.

He came down the stairs and sat a while, then though he'd have another go. Up he went, down on his knees he got, and nothing happened. So down he came again. After a few minutes he went up stairs again. As he was on his knees the phone rang. It was another one of his daughters (a Christian). She asked her dad if he was ok. He didn't tell her about the trouble he was having, and just said that he was fine. She said she just felt there was something up and she should call. Once she got off the phone she rang a sister who lives in another country to tell her to pray for their dad. She said she didn't know what it was but there was something happening and he needed prayer.

Meanwhile, Jack's wife told her daughter, with whom she was shopping, that she was going back to the car. She had an overwhelming sense that she needed to pray for her husband. So at the time Jack was really struggling both his wife and daughter sensed a real need to pray for him.

After the phone call Jack went down stairs, sat a minute or two then went up again, and on the fourth occasion he stopped struggling and yielded to Christ, trusting Him for salvation.

I know the skeptic might dismiss it, but I don't think it can be easily or lightly dismissed - what, or who, prompted them to pray for Jack? Makes perfect sense to say the Holy Spirit Himself moved them to pray. And there are other stories just like this one (see here). God is real!