Monday, 19 March 2012

"Oh no! Not hell!"

I want to pass on a story my friend told me, which is quite appropriate considering my last couple of posts.

This is not a third or fourth hand story with legendary embellishments and apocryphal details - I could take you to the home of the person who witnessed this. 

My friend's neighbour (who is not a Christian) had a friend whose husband was dying.  The neighbour of my friend went to the house and was sitting at the bedside of the dying man.  Suddenly the man lifted his head and exclaimed, "Oh no! Not hell!" and died.

Obviously my friend's neighbour was very shaken - what a warning it was to her, and I'm passing it on as a warning to you.  It seems the man got a glimpse of the place to which he was going just before he got there.  There is a hell, our sins are taking us there, and only the Lord Jesus Christ can save.