Monday, 31 October 2011

Nobody's perfect

I just want to recount a recent conversation I had with a lady on the subject of how we can be accepted by God.

She had been telling me how she had a real interest in God and sought to live as God wanted her to live. I asked her if she was going to heaven, she said she hoped so. So I asked how she hoped to get there, and why God should let her in. She said, "Well, I've lived a good life".

I told her I could never hope to get to heaven that way because I'm not perfect. This led to a very hasty qualification from her, "Oh, I'm not saying I'm perfect either! Nobody is!"

So I had to ask her then, if she isn't perfect, i.e. if she has broken God's law then how does she expect God to accept her into heaven on the basis of the life she has lived? She replied that she'd done her best, so I told her that didn't help me either because I hadn't always done my best. She again had to admit she hadn't either!

I told her it seemed she had no real hope of heaven. I was glad to tell her I did because I wasn't depending on the life I'd lived; I was depending on the death Christ died! That's the only hope for us. Make it yours today.