Wednesday, 27 October 2010

True for you, not for me!

It was a weird conversation - this gentleman maintained that there was no objective truth, I asked him if his statement was true...

He said it was true for him, so I asked him if that statement was true, and so it went for a while, until he changed the subject.  Before allowing him to change the subject I wanted to point out to him that his statement committed suicide because he was offering as a truth the statement that there is no truth.  This highlights the point that, although people may not believe in the God of Scripture, they still live in His world and they can't get away from reality - there is truth, and we know it.  To deny it, we have to seek to employ it, as this man was doing - seeking to convince me that it's true there's no truth.  Reality has a way of popping up, even when you try to drown it.  The conversation showed the incoherance of his beliefs, and the fact that they collapsed under their own weight.  Something can't be true if it contains its own falsification, as his world-view did.

He said I was trying to convert him and I should let people hold to whatever beliefs are true to them.  I asked him what he thought of the Lord's words that He was the only way to the Father (John 14 v 6), and Peter's words that there is no salvation in any other than Christ (Acts 4 v 12).  He said that those things were true for them.  I tried to show him that if there is another way to the Father or salvation in anyone else then those things weren't true for them, because they said there wasn't.  They weren't saying, "This is my way", they were saying "This is the way" - they were claiming this was true for everyone.  So what did he make of the claim of Christ and His apostles that it's true that everyone needs to turn to Christ for salvation?  I asked him, If it's "true for them" that he needed Christ for salvation then does he needs Christ, or were they wrong?  For the first time in the conversation he was silent.  After a while said, "I don't know."

"True for you, not for me" is popular, but it's nonsense.  The claims of Christ are not "true for some and not true for others", they are either true or false.  I would advise you to investigate His claims and credentials carefully - there's a lot riding on how you respond.